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Project summary

Bringing European Students Closer

Daijobu created Hippocrate.io for GEDS. GEDS is a leading organization opening mobility opportunities for European students in Health.

With Hippocrate, Daijobu built a tailor-made software to manage thousand of applications, making it easy for applicants, partner universities and GEDS.

Daijobu worked in close cooperation with all stakeholders, in an agile and incremental process to build this application. Thanks to Hippocrate, GEDS is now a leader on the European market of European mobility for students.

Projects highlights

Daijobu's Methodology in Action

Technology should adapt to the client needs and not the opposite : Hippocrate.io evolves everyday to make sure that we stick to GEDS business model.

High impact

Hundreds of students got to learn the job that they dreamed for.

Incremental Implementation

Hippocrate.io is the third version of GEDS software developed by Daijobu. It is the result of an ever-adapting work between our software engineers, project manager and our client needs.

Skills & technologies

Tailor-Made Service
Software Design
UX Design
Big Data Management

Hippocrate has been developed with Laravel, Vue.js, Bootstrap, php, html, mysql and css technologies.

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