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Project summary

What is equal is not always fair

Fairbill is a mobile and web application to facilitate accounts between friends and family. With a twist: instead of sharing all spending equally between all parties, Fairbill take into account the perception of every member of the group to try to reach a fairer divison of the costs.

Fairbill is proudly an in-house R&D project of Daijobu. 

Projects highlights

Mobile and Web Application

Fairbill is available on every browser and on the Play Store for Android smartphones.

Out-of-the-Box Thinking

Fairbill brings a new light on commonly admitted social behaviours.

In-House R&D Project

Fairbill is free of use and its development has been financed by Daijobu's R&D policy.

Skills & technologies

Web & Mobile App
UX Design
Week-end with Friends

Fairbill is built with laravel, php, sql & android studio.

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