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Fostering innovation against poverty and inequalities

The Fund for Innovation in Development aims at testing, accelerating and scaling innovations to reduce poverty and inequality, drawing on the rigor of scientific evaluation in order to transform public policy.

It has been launched by France and is chaired by Nobel Prize awardee Esther Duflo.

Daijobu worked with AFD (Agence Française de Développement, hosting the fund), to define, build and integrate the Fund for Innovation in Development within the AFD environment.

Project highlights

A Flagship Project for France Development Policy

The FID is one of the most visible project for the French Development Policy with a lot of political expectations.

Project Design & Multi-Stakeholder Planning

Daijobu helped integrate FID within AFD, working on change management with every team involved (from legal to risk, from operations to IT).

Thinking Impact First

Esther Duflo's philosophy and work is to maximise development projects and policies impact and accountability. So was Daijobu's work on helping getting the fund out of the ground.

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Project Design & Management
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