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Empowered women benefit us all

#SheisWe shows that when women are empowered, protected, trusted and invested in, there are benefits for all of us. The campaign emphasizes striking stories of people everywhere in the world, and engages renowned personalities, activists, and members of the development community. This campaign is organized by EuropeAid for the European Development Days – a global forum focusing this year on “Women and Girls at the Forefront of Sustainable Development” to promote a safer, more inclusive and open world for women.

Daijobu designed and managed the Campaign, partnering the European Commission and our client Phrenos.

Project highlights

600+ Millions Twitter Impressions

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International Campaign Ambassadors

Including 3 Nobel Peace Prizes, Head of UN Women, IMF, World Bank, international activists etc.

Awareness Raising on Women Rights Globally

Daijobu stood up to claim that Women rights are Human Rights!

Skills & technologies

Public Relations
Team Management
Social Media
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